Laundry Tips

Read the instruction manual. Most instruction manuals contain plenty of helpful advice. You may be able to rectify your fault without incurring the cost of having a serviceman visit. Bear in mind - we do not charge for phone calls, so feel free to seek our advice if you are still stuck. 


Check the water supply. A washing machine will not work without water. Make sure the water supply is connected & turned on.


Drainage. A common complaint with washing machines is ”It won’t drain”. Check that the drain hose is not obstructed in any way. Many modern washing machines have filters that need to be checked and cleaned occasionally, and a blockage can cause the machine to not drain. You will need to consult your instruction manual to see if your machine has this very helpful device.


Settings. Some washing machines have functions that you may be unaware of. For instance, some modern washing machines have a rinse & hold function that allows for a longer rinse period. If this button has been depressed unintentionally, then the machine may give the appearance that it is not functioning properly, and a quick press of a button can rectify this problem. There may be other functions on your washing machine that could cause similar confusion - Refer to Tip 1..!

  Laundry tips

These are only a few tips to try & help you avoid unnecessary costs - if you are still having problems, feel free to call us for advice, we can often solve appliance woes on the phone.(09) 579 7691